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Adrian Sherwood – ‘Survival & Resistance’

Adrian Sherwood is set to release his third solo album ‘Survival & Resistance’ on his own label U Sound. Last week I heard the album’s opening track ‘Balance’ on NPR’s All Songs Considered and keep coming back to the song over the weekend.

Imagine what Adrian Sherwood and Grace Slick would have sounded like together?   _____!

Check out this short preview of ‘Survival & Resistance” below. Pre-order here.

Date of release: Aug 20 (UK), Aug 21 (USA)


01. Balance
02. Trapped Here
03. U.R.Sound
04. Starship Bahia
05. Effective
06. We Flick the Switch
07. Bossa 2
08. Two Semitones and a Raver
09. Last Queen of England
10. Greenleaves

Adriane Sherwood website.

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