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Skanks Roots Project


Genre: Roots
Hometown: California
Years Active: (2012–present)


Dee Jay Jah Skanks:
E.N Young: Tribal Seeds
Eddie Blunt: High Tide
J.Rips: KeepItLit
Danny Dread: Roots Covenant
Christopher Murray: CMajor
Dave Torr: Mad Traffic
Lalo Olvera: JahLo


West Coast Style (2017) Gearthy (2014) Just The Tip (2013)



Skanks Roots Project is a reggae group formed from musicians around California. The group formed as a collaboration idea of Dj Skanks AKA Danny Herbs and musician, producer, E.N Young. SRP consist of Eddie Blunt , J. Rips, Danny Dread, Adrian Cisneros, Chris Murray, Sam Guest, Mike E.P, Zena Kurnosoff, David Hahn, Garret Wallace and have regular guest appearances by Lexy Love, Jah Lo, and Animo. All members have met over the past few years at one point or another during shows and recording sessions. They formed as an official group at the end of 2012 at Imperial Sound Recording Studio in Southern California. Combining that San Diego roots vibe that Blunt, Young, Cisneros, and Dread bring to the table and lacing it with the NorCal flavor of Skanks, Rips, and Animo…it truly is a west coast bridge blessed by Jah!
The first single “Wild Flower” was a project idea that came to Skanks and from then on they knew they had something special. They came jumbo with their first album, Just the Tip. SRP’s music has a cool swag that will get fans feeling that Cali reggae lovin’ vibe. Combining their instrumental abilities and musical compliance they keep an irie upbeat from track to track. Just the Tip has guest appearances from Clear Conscience, Lexy Love, Eric Singer, Jah Wave, Sana, and Mis Lee Ding. With all the great musical talent behind it, the inspiration for the album comes from all the reggae-style music out there. It is a genre that is growing bigger and faster. Hence, the name of the album, “just the tip,” meaning what you have heard so far is just the tip of the iceberg.
On their second album, Gearthy, SRP effortlessly melds reggae, surfer rock, hip hop, roots vibes and even spoken word into one beautifully eclectic sound. The band’s spirit of collaboration lives on strong as they collaborate with more guest artists on various tracks, including Rappin’ 4Tay, Lexy Love, Eric Singer, Joel Castillo, MC Off Beat, SkillinJah, E.N Young, , Casual of Hieroglyphics Crew and more. The Gearthy cd is a banger and we promise you will love how we touch base with some hip hop, spoken word, roots and even a lil pop all combined into one sweet cd. Gearthy showed that SRP is continuing to build its chemistry and fine-tune its craft, and the end result is pure SoCal and Nocal laid-back fun that can infuse musical celebration into any party.
In 2017 SRP released its third album, West Coast Style. The WCS album features E3 (Baby Easy E) on “Blown.” “It was so dope to work with The Godfather of Gangster Rap (Easy E)’s son E3 on “Blown,” and you know we kept it real with our indigenous brothers and sisters Rez Rize,” says Skanks. With the addition of singer, songwriter and producer Adrain AK Cisneros to the team, “The sky is the limit and it seems as if it is in grasp for us,” added Skanks.
SRP’s new single “I Get You,” due out November 2018, is something that brings a lil R&B flavor to their unique Rootzie hip hop sound that SRP has developed over the years. Bringing in Maryanne Ito on this track was a must: “Maryanne is so soulful and just has that voice that reminds you of some of the best R&B singers out there,” says Skanks, “so after hearing Maryanne on the radio in Hawaii I knew I wanted to work with her instantly and could come up with an idea. After chilling on the Island for a couple days and thinking about the tune, it came to me. I reached out to AK Cisneros and told him my vision. We both immediately started writing and within a couple days AK had the Riddim ready. Maryanne tracked her parts, AK and myself did ours and the rest is history!” This is definitely a slapper and must have. Look out for SRP’s fourth album coming in 2019.
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