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Issue #1

February 3, 2015

Welcome to the first chapter of Rootfire’s new era. Issue #1 celebrates three articles released this week that speak on some fresh ideas in progressive reggae; think of it as a zine delivered to your inbox. The layout, revamped sections, and new contributors come to you live and direct just 7 days since you got my note about Rootfire’s rebirth as an online community. Each week, I’ll send you a new issue that will help you keep track of all the cool things happening at If you have thoughts, suggestions, or want to get involved in our project, please let us know. Root down, live up!

Love & Respect,

[email protected]


  • Seth Herman - Author
  • Giles Morris - Author & editor
  • James Searl - Author
  • Andy Pritiken - Graphic design
  • Curtis Bergesen - Community mgmt.
  • Reid Foster - Layout

This is an introduction. For I and you. I first met Seth Herman in a building called the Pink Warehouse, which houses the Rootfire office, and our friendship is the true result of good ingredients: soccer, music, and writing. When I moved to Charlottesville to run a newspaper, I asked a musician if he knew any soccer teams around.… Read More

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I was purchased my first shot of absinthe on Bourbon St. I typically like to have these experiences in authentic locations, but since I wasn’t touring Holland anytime soon, I decided that New Orleans was just as psychedelic a spot as any. … Read More

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My roommate still had a dumb grin on his face and said he didn’t want it, he was just kidding and thought I was just kidding. I said I wasn’t kidding and he had to eat it because I ate mine and I wasn’t going it alone, which was a mistake. You’re always going it alone. Anyhow, he said he was drunk when I arrived and was just goofing around but he would do it since he said he would, and I was sort of miffed so I went back and killed time with the acid man at the bar and the girls he was hanging out with until I started to feel it happen, and then I went back to find my friend.
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