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Dub Boat


Genre: Instrumental Reggae
Hometown: Boston, MA
Years Active: (2019–present)


Jon Persson: Trumpet
Adam Saylor: Bass
David Drouin: Guitar
John Funkhouser: Keyboards
Aaron Zaroulis: Drums


Dub Boat (2020) Moonlight Radio (2020)



Dub Boat is an instrumental Reggae band hailing from Boston’s North Shore. The band brings influences from Jazz, Rock, Funk and Soul to create a unique Reggae sound, with heavy grooves, deep pockets, and catchy melodies. The band includes current and former members of Soul Rebel Project, The Brew, Cold Engines, and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Dub Boat’s self-titled 2020 debut release charts new territories in Reggae music.

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