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Vinyl Giveaway: The Expanders – Blood Morning 7″

The Expanders new single “Blood Morning” dropped February 16 on Rootfire Cooperative, marking the release of their first piece of original music since 2015’s #1 Billboard Reggae topper Hustling Culture. With a knack for delivering music in the style of authentic golden-era Jamaica, the LA-based roots group has once again succeeded with their latest offering. With a tip of the hat to the most widely used medium in 1970’s Jamaica, they’ve even pressed a limited edition run of the single on 7″ vinyl.

But far more important than its vinyl availability, “Blood Morning” displays a deep lyrical connection to the cultural and political struggle found at the heart of the songwriting which distinguished reggae from its lighter-messaged predecessors of ska and rocksteady.

In reference to the new single, The Expanders frontman Devin Morrison states:

“The world is coming to a point where crisis will force us all, despite our differences, to face a choice between coming together and talking to one another honestly and openly about how to make things better, or to go on fighting each other and suffer a complete breakdown of any kind of harmonious civilization. Hence the lyrics: ‘Blood Morning, come with your heart, come with your thought’.”

Continuing to draw attention from roots fans old and new, as well as from their peers within the reggae community, there is no substitute for The Expanders among the current generation of artists. Catch them headlining on their Wheel & Come Again tour this spring with support from Sensamotion and Dubbest.

Vinyl Giveaway: The Expanders – “Blood Morning” 7″ Single

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