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To The Rescue: Tribal Seeds – Surrender (Rootfire World Premiere)

Cali reggae has taken the world by storm. It has re-energized what was once thought of as a tired and boxed-in genre into new mainstream classics of a generation. What is the draw? What are the elements that have granted groups like Tribal Seeds a top spot in modern roots reggae playlists worldwide?

There is a cool confidence pulsing through this group that draws the old roots heads along side the short shorts California girls we all grew up hearing about.

The heavy bubble, the hypnotic basslines, and crunk to the max beats certainly stir up an excitement that moves people closer to the stage, and sells out venues nationwide.

And really, that excitement? It’s the sex. That primal instinct we all know.  Whether young, old, single, married, gay or straight, we all connect to the electricity of sex in the air. It’s a classic draw. Roots reggae, with its political vitriol, ideological base, and rebel qualities, will always still have room for sexiness.

Down in Jamaica, you can almost feel it climax to a cliche. Sex sells. Sex can become cheap. The rugged realization of prostituting young men, women, and music, is everywhere in the modern world.

To the rescue, comes Tribal Seeds. They maintain the roots integrity while never losing the sex appeal. “Surrender” is a very sexy tune. A hard driving love song. A message that will never die. Music for dancing. Grinding. Loving. Love will always be revolutionary. As the music continues to inspire roots reggae lovers to multiply, the message of family, truth, and interdependence proliferates.

Tribal Seeds is here to inspire. Grow a family. Reggae-fy your bloodline.

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Produced by: Tony-Ray Jacobo (aka Maad T-Ray)
Lyrics and Music written by: Steven Rene Jacobo

* “Surrender” is an exclusive Rootfire World Premiere.

Tribal Seeds:

Photo Credits: @Josue_Foto

Lyrics: Surrender

I need her more than numbers of the grains of sand
I need her more than the numbers
(Chorus) She’s sweet from the get-go
Girl give me your love
I need your loving like the stars up above but when she moves slow
Surrender your loving
(Verse) The night comes and I dream of your eyes
I’ll paint your picture nice
More than any times I’ve seen the night come
In a portrait of sky
I gaze and wonder why I never realized the signs
That you were just falling
Trouble in your waters and your bridge barely holding
Oh my longing just to see you again
Chances still I know are very slim
Come with me again
(Verse) I’m still fighting, still trying to get my reward, reward, reward
I’m still fighting, still trying to get my reward
Come take a walk with I again
Journey to the places and realms we never been
High above the waters of the holy mountain
All around the world and I’m still searching
But I was just falling
Trouble in my waters and my bridge is still building
Oh my longing just to feel it again
Knowing very well it’s from within
Redeemed of your sins
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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.

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