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#Throwback Thursday – Xavier Rudd – Solace (2004)

‘Solace’ (2004) the second album from Xavier Rudd, helped the Australian roots musician develop a grassroots following throughout the US. Rudd’s songs create a melodic social awareness supported by exceptional slide guitar, foot stopping, didjeridu, harmonica, and various percussive instruments.

Its an interesting daydream to wonder what would have happened if Ben Harper had written ‘Solace’ and released it after his 1995 album ‘Fight For Your Mind’. Would guitar players in their late 20’s and early 30’s be singing these songs around campfires today? Only good could come out of more people singing this healthy music.

‘Solace’ is an amazing album that stands up alongside Jackson C. Frank’s ‘Blues Run The Game’ (1965), Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ (1971), and Haper’s ‘Fight For Your Mind’ (1995).

More about Solace on Wikipedia

*If you are a touring musician, be sure to check out “Journey Song”Lyrics:

The stone it sinks
The day is near
And i watch your feet i feel your breathe
I’m in your dreams
Seems such a long long time but i will return
You are the only spark i use
In these things i do

This is the thing i do

All these people
And all these times
And all this road i see for real
In four twenty time
There will be fourteen days
When sadness climbs
And there will be times when i feel chilled
With you on my mind

This is the thing i do

You miss me now
Well i miss you too
You see well chances are given
Only once
Now there’s clouds in my heart
Clouds in my mind
You see well chances are given
Only once
Not for free

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