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Ticket Giveaway: Cali Vibes Festival 2022

Rootfire is giving away a pair of 3-day VIP passes to Cali Vibes Festival 2022.

For more than half a century reggae music has radiated out from Jamaica, thriving in niche communities from Tokyo to Los Angeles and beyond. This February reggae music in America will take a significant step… Read More

Celebrating 7 Years: Rootfire & Sugarshack

From a back porch in Bonita Springs, FL, Sugarshack Sessions have become a mainstay in the American reggae community and beyond, and Rootfire has been lucky enough to be there from the very beginning. Today marks 7 years from that first session we worked on together… Read More

Rising Above the Storm with Stick Figure

There’s no better way to turn someone on to something new than through the live show experience. This week we tip our hats to Stick Figure for billing their upcoming Above The Storm tour to feature not only LA positive roots rockers… Read More