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Golden and the Story of the Cooperative

Part I

Jay Smiles answered the phone, picking up right where he left off….but this was the first time we had ever spoken. A few days earlier Jay had left me a panic-driven yet endearing voicemail; before the message had ended, I had already made up my mind.… Read More

Apocalypse Dreams: Satan, Rasta, and the Islamic State

I was raised anxious about the end of days. The fear was never instilled by my parents, or any religion. I was never formally warned of the Four Horseman or anything.  Instead, it seeped surreptitiously into my awareness, drawing from a peripheral swirl of stories, songs, and an imaginative media, whose… Read More

Bob Marley Dublin July 6, 1980

On the 6th of July, 1980, Bob Marley played the now historic concert at Dalymount Park on Dublin’s north side, at that time the home of the soccer club Bohs. Rumours abound that Bob had a kickaround before the concert. Dublin was only starting to experience major music acts… Read More