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Music Business Club: Jon & Matt Phillips discussing CLOSER TO THE SUN – 6/17/21.

Jon & Matt Phillips of Silverback & Red Light Management join us for Round 2 of their Music Business Club Happy Hour on Thursday, June 17, 2021 @ 4pmPT/7pmET.… Read More

Horace Andy – Straight to Hell

“Straight to Hell” is a track originally born of some of the world’s great angsts, as seen through the lens of The Clash, in 1982. Dealing with social issues that still ring as relevant today (from labor injustices to immigration concerns), The Clash released a song with… Read More

Art and A Simple Song

It doesn’t always have to be mind-bending and complex. Some of the biggest songs are simple melodies with a catchy lyric.

André 3000 wrote and produced 2003’s smash hit “Hey Ya!“, using no more than two words for the chorus- Hey and Ya.… Read More

Jah9 “Avocado”

One of my main goals for Rootfire going into 2016 is to encourage our community to spend more time outside doing things that complement the music we deeply love. Whether that is through features on bicycle rides and picnics in the country, or pick up soccer games in the park,… Read More