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The Rootfire community is open to all artists in the greater world of reggae music, progressive roots, dancehall, and more. Click on the profiles below to learn about artists, their teams, discographies and more. If you are an artist and would like a Rootfire profile, you can… Read More

First Listen: NomaD – Grown Tingz (feat. HIRIE)

There are a lot of paths through the music industry—performer, producer, management, merchandising—and some individuals find themselves filling many of those roles throughout their career. With a Grammy on the shelf, and seven other nominations to boot, Damon Elliott a.k.a. NomaD approaches his debut release Grown Tingz, out September 28, with… Read More

Rootfire World Premiere: HIRIE “I Wanna Be”

HIRIE has been burning bright since 2013, when her infectious single, "Sensi Boy," with its herb-coated hook, was passed from stereo to stereo throughout the scene. Instead of fading away HIRIE took her music to the road touring months on end, from acoustic performances on cruise ships, to guerrilla… Read More