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Operation: Save the Manatee

Manatees are just adorable. Adorably fascinating in fact. Their growing symbiosis with humans ever expanding ecological footprint is endearing at the surface and disastrous in depth. Manatees have been found decimated by boat motors, poisoned by oil spills, and are losing habitat daily due to human sprawl.… Read More

Composting: 2 Crucial Mistakes

A few years ago my wife and I received a black compost bin as a Christmas gift. That spring we collected food scraps and within a few months had filled the bin to its maximum level. We we so eager and  hopeful that the food would break… Read More


We reached out to HRB Movement (a lifestyle clothing brand that also plants trees in the USA and abroad), and asked if we could work with them to plant a tree for every STEADY album that has already been pre-ordered, or is ordered between now and September 29.…… Read More