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Art and A Simple Song

It doesn’t always have to be mind-bending and complex. Some of the biggest songs are simple melodies with a catchy lyric.

André 3000 wrote and produced 2003’s smash hit “Hey Ya!“, using no more than two words for the chorus- Hey and Ya.… Read More

A Call To Adventure

Legendary New York City street art duo Patrick and Patrick (also known as FAILE), created one of my favorite prints, a piece titled ‘A Call To Adventure’. A large format, 18-color screen print, with decked edges , laid on top of fancy art paper (100% cotton coventry rag archival… Read More

“That looks like a Banksy.”

As both an art nerd and reggae musician, two phrases I hear quite regularly are “That looks like a Banksy” and “This sounds like Bob Marley.”

Bob Marley and Banksy each started worldwide movements, and to each of their credit are… Read More