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Support the Shack! Sugarshack Helps the Stars Shine

Im just gonna put this out there right here, right now, right away—if you have EVER even just ONCE enjoyed a youtube video put up by Sugarshack Sessions, then follow this link HERE and give them $1 or more. Whether you discovered a band or caught one of your favorite artists giving a 100% unique performance with seamless video editing and perfect sound production, it’s pretty much guaranteed that it was a free experience for you. It’s amazing that that’s the world we have been living in.

Think about it though. First, think about all of that terrible crap that you have seen on Youtube searching for your favorite bands. Shaky audience footage with half a song and blown out bass. Or maybe you can hear the drunk people yelling and singing all around the camera. You can almost feel the beer being spilled on your shoulder! Maybe you had to be there? Why would anyone post such hideous video!? But then, you stumble across the Sugarshack music channel. You have now entered a fan experience that honestly has never been available to music lovers before—free, original, high quality content from the top bands in the ever expanding American roots, reggae and rock music scene.

You don’t really think about it though, and thats totally understandable. You are focused on the videos. They are fantastic. The beauty of the song. The stripped down acoustic ambiance. The excitement of seeing your favorite bands deliver an intimate performance. Often these productions are just as special for the artists involved. The inspiration supplied by the beautiful surroundings and the ease provided by the professionalism of the Sugarshack crew comes through the screen. Sugarshack helps the stars shine.

The videos maintain their mystique. Something special happens in these Sugarshack performances. Don’t worry, it’s totally understandable to not have considered the amount of intention, hard work, blood, sweat, tears and hours of coordination that goes into making these performances available to you. That’s why the Sugarshack crew are a bunch of ninjas. Thats why they wear black.

Think about it. What would it take for you and your friends to pull that together?! 

Sugarshack music channel was built from scratch. They started with nothing but some camera/audio equipment, a backyard, and a whole lot of love. They have grown it into a business capable of supporting seven full-time employees and consistently deliver you and your friends the best videos of all of your favorite bands.

Now is the time to expand that dream. They have a successful music video channel that has become the MTV of its time in one of the fastest growing live and recorded music scenes in the nation. It is the digital meeting grounds of a vibrant cross-cultural exchange that is providing the soundtracks to the experiences of our lives. They seek to work with the momentum they have built online, and turn it into an official brick and mortar space in their hometown of Bonita Springs, Florida.  A coffeeshop, cafe, and performance space will bring the global experience they have created to the local level for all to enjoy. With a new and official home base they will have the infrastructure to increase the amount, quality and types of content on the Sugarshack music channel, all while having a friendly place to continue to connect people and build community through live music. 

Not too many years ago, the music industry fell apart. The old model had the few major labels pumping millions of dollars into the bands that you would hear on the radio or see on MTV. As an independent band, your chances of being heard or having your video seen were slim to none. Having a legit music video was next to impossible. 

When the bottom fell out, no one knew what model would take its place. How would we hear bands and what would decide what music we were exposed to? Seemingly at once, Youtube was invented. It became the major place for music discovery. Exciting as it may have seemed for the gatekeepers (record companies) to have been removed, it was now all up to the bands to create, promote, and keep up with all of their content. That seemed just about as intimidating as it was to land a big record deal. We were all just a bunch of artists out on the open road looking for our people. There was little hope of finding a solid network or avenue to build community.

As a musician who has been recording and performing throughout this massive industry change, I cannot say enough great things about what the Sugarshack music channel provides to BANDS. We discussed above what it provides to FANS (free, original, intimate performances by top bands). However, as a BAND, there is nothing more helpful than getting a call from a group like Sugarshack and having them invite you for a stop on tour to meet up, be treated well, and record a better music video than you could conceive of on your own for free that will be seen by thousands, if not millions of people who will probably like your music.

Almost nothing can match that. It is a beautiful collaboration that artists and fans alike should be grateful for, and furthermore, people should be aware of the hard work and vision that it takes to pull off. Sugarshack does such an amazing job, that you might not even realize how central they are to the existence and growth of our scene. They were there, filming, sweating, checking microphones and making sure the artists were happy to create a once in a lifetime musical experience that will last forever for the fans and the bands. So give it up for Sugarshack. Give them your money. No amount is too small or too great. It takes a village and they have earned it. Go to the link to check out the awesome rewards they are offering in exchange for contributions. If you are finding out about the Sugarshack music channel from this article, go and enjoy one or fifty original videos on their youtube channel. Then donate a little bit of cash. See y’all at the cafe?!

Support Sugarshack Sessions by contributing to their kickstarter campaign and help build the future of this incredible organization. 

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Bass player and songwriter for Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, James feels, plays and lives the music. Lucky for us he also has the knack for remembering what happened and writing it down in his own voice.

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