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Steel Pulse – Mass Manipulation – Out Now!

The long awaited album from UK reggae legends, Steel Pulse, entitled Mass Manipulation arrived today. Their first full-length album in 15 years is packed with 15 new songs and two interludes. As founding fathers of reggae, Steel Pulse have never shied away from issues of social justice and equality, and Mass Manipulation is yet another potent and powerful statement on subjects ranging from human trafficking to climate change and more.

“For when it comes to addressing the current issues of the world, we hope that this album will be able to sharpen the minds of man to uproot all negativity, and foster embracement; presenting each and everyone of us a higher level of consciousness for a harmonious future.” -David Hinds

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to work with our heroes on this project, and we humbly thank David Hinds, Selwyn Brown, Sidney Mills, David Elecciri, and the Steel Pulse team for welcoming us into their world. Please support the band by downloading and streaming today!

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Reid was born and raised in Sacramento, CA, and first connected with Rootfire in 2011 while living and working in New Zealand with The Black Seeds worldwide team. Before that he was the drummer of a folk-rock group called 2Me. Today he manages some of our favorite bands and oversees all operations of Rootfire.

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