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Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap
Hometown: Malibu, CA
Years Active: (2008–present)


Aaron Smith:


Label: Feel Good
Booking Agency: DATA Touring
Booking Agents: Greg Fischman,



Shwayze’s story of success is considerably short, taking in mind that gut was all he needed to achieve his dream. The rapper who shows his face in the rap scene with his tracks ‘Buzzin” as well as ‘Corona and Lime’ did have a personal struggle early in his life that brought him a greater courage in taking his life direction to a better future.

He was born Aaron Smith in 1986 in Malibu, California. While the region he grew up in is closely attached to the high lifestyle and the luxury it’s drenched with, Shwayze settled on the less prosperous side of the town. He lived in a trailer park, juggling his time to work at several jobs while helping his grandfather as a handyman. “Everyone else pretty-much got sick of me,” he said, “and the only choice I really had was working for my grandfather, a handyman, as his assistant installing doors and windows, and fixing light bulbs for old ladies…” It was before he did the unthinkable.

While hanging out with his friends at a local club in 2005, Shwayze made his own destiny by accumulating his courage to get on the stage at his own will. Whitestarr … was headlining the live music event that night and its lead singer Cisco Adler was observing from the side of the stage. Shwayze jumped to the stage and started freestyling accompanied by Whitestarr’s drummer Alex Orbison who provided the beat. “I was like, ‘I’m the only black kid in Malibu…’ And the crowd went crazy,” Shwayze recalled. “I looked over to the right and there was Cisco on the side of the stage.

The first taste of the water, “Buzzin'” entered at #86 on Billboard Hot 100 and climbed up steadily to #46. While the song was still hot on the airplay, another Adler-featuring single “Corona and Lime” took over the success of the first single to peak the same chart at #23. In the hype of his appearance as a new artist, Shwayze signed a deal with MTV to star in the network’s reality show Buzzin’ that follows him and Adler in the quest of being more and more famous. The show was premiered on MTV in July 2008.

After several more albums and mixtapes with Cisco the two went on hiatus touring together and Shwayze began to release solo material with production from new producers. The album Shwayze Summer was released on July 14, 2013 and reached the iTunes Top 10 chart. Its first single for the album was “Love is Overrated” produced by Paul Couture. This is Shwayze’s first full length debut album as a solo artist without his previous singer Cisco Adler.

It also saw Shwayze return to his heavy touring schedule, lead by his ‘Shwayzed & Confused Tour’ and ‘Summer Tour’ performing solo and often backed by a new band. The tours including support from Terrplane Sun with most of the shows sold out nationwide.

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