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Salmonella Dub


Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand
Years Active: (1992–present)


Andrew Penman:
David Deakins:
Mark Tyler:


Label: Virgin Music / EMI Music New Zealand


Salmonella Dub (1994) Calming of the Drunken Monkey (1997) Killervision (1999) Inside the Dub Plates (2001) Outside the Dub Plates (2002) One Drop East (2004) Mercy (2004) Heal Me (2007) Freak Controller (2009) Freak Controller Madness (2010)


Salmonella Dub’s auspicious 7th studio album, the
incredibly dynamic Freak Controller graced record store shelves and the dub world in November 2009 and now it’s time for some Freak Controller Madness! The special edition double CD album features the original Freak Controller album plus a second disc of freaky Madness from NZ’s pioneers of dub creating this Twenty Track Pack of goodness for the upcoming summer season. Tracks on this double disc feature new remixes from the band and DJ Digital plus selections from their Freak Local EP and Outa Control discs.

Salmonella Dub will be on the road touring NZ this summer where you can witness the Kings of Dub in full force.

Formed nineteen years ago in Christchurch NZ, Salmonella Dub have rightfully been called the pioneers and originators of a unique Pacific style of Dub/Drum ‘n’Bass/Reggae/Hip Hop and Groove based Rock. Acts such as Fat Freddy’s Drop, Scribe & P Money, Shapeshifter, Cornerstone Roots, Kora, King Kapisi as well as the new wave of Australian acts like Budspells, Rastawookie, King Tide, Red Eyes, and the likes, can all thank Salmonella Dub for paving the way to opening Australian ears to an alternative to a music scene that was largely house influenced dance music or straight guitar rock.

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