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Rootfire World Premiere: Fortunate Youth “My Love”

Since the 2011 release of Irie State of Mind, Fortunate Youth has cemented its place as one of the premier bands in the SoCal reggae scene. The six piece group based out of L.A.’s South Bay hopes to raise expectations even higher with its most recent single “My Love,” released on Rootfire as part of our world premiere series.

Like nearly all the music Fortunate Youth puts out, “My Love” highlights the soulful vocals of Dan Kelly backed by a sweet, melodic reggae style that takes you away to a better place.

While the music of Fortunate Youth is constantly spreading to new audiences due to the band’s rigorous tour schedule, familiar followers will instantly recognize the sound of the new single, which fits right in with all-time favorite tracks like “Sweet Love” and “Love Is The Most High.” This is music to unwind to.

Irie State Of Mind propelled the band to the top of many of the reggae scene’s iTunes playlists. In addition to the two aforementioned songs, that record had hits with more edge like “Alibi” and the emotionally-charged “Bastard,” a song that features the vocal stylings of Susie Liufau.

The group has developed a reputation for exceptional live performances. A simple YouTube search of Fortunate Youth offers a range of tracks from the MoBoogie Loft sessions, which have earned over a million views and, if you don’t know the band, will clue you in on the secret of its success. The music has an authentic aura to it that cannot be reproduced. There is almost no distinction between Fortunate Youth’s live and recorded material, a quality that is becoming more and more difficult to find given recent trends in popular music.

Thankfully, “My Love” delivers the same experience. Drummer Jordan Rosenthal plays flawlessly on the track while multi-talented percussionist Travi Bongo sticks to his mission of helping listeners float away with the subtle riddims that emanate from his bongo drums. Corey Draskovich stands out on this project with his skills on the keyboard. An earbud full of “My Love” is practically a ticket to your own private Fortunate Youth concert!

The group’s unique musical style combined with the hard work they have been putting in on the road promises an even brighter future for a band that’s rocking its way into the conversation about the West Coast’s best reggae bands. Check ‘em out and let us know what you think.

Fortunate Youth

A writer who has covered everything from a SOJA concert in Spain to a college baseball season in California, Keenan currently resides along the Golden State's central coast where he studies Economics at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. A proponent of the positive nature of reggae music, Keenan moonlights as a writer for one of the genre's most innovative websites

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Fortunate Youth bass player Jered Draskovich and guitar player Greg Gelb also add their talent to the sound of “My Love”. All members are key players who add their own style to the music created by the crew of Fortunate Youth.

Keenan Donath

Couldn’t agree more B. Fortunate Youth is a band filled with talented musicians. It can be hard to incorporate all of them in an article so thanks for giving them a much-deserved shoutout.'
Some dude

Regarding your byline: California is the Golden State not the Sunshine State, that’s Florida'

yikes, good call. this has been updated

Dave Rootsdude Shiffman
Dave Rootsdude Shiffman

Nice write-up of FY. As far as I’m concerned, they are one of the best reggae bands in the reggae community today — not just the local SoCal scene. Their live shows are dynamic and engaging and as you stated, they are able to translate that sound and energy to their recordings. They’re good guys and of course I want them to grow and succeed but I’ll miss seeing them in the most intimate venues….always the conundrum of passionate music fans.