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Miami Dub Section – Revival Dub Volume 3

About: Jah Blem Muzik is a Roots Reggae Dub Selector & Curator with a mission to document the Modern Roots Era. Today, we feature a special guest post from by Jah Blem with a focus on Revival Dub Volume 3, the latest of his excellent Mixtape series.

My name is Jah Blem and I represent the Miami Dub Section Sound system. Give thanks for the opportunity to share my works with this platform that I’ve been a fan of for so long. My inspiration comes from Jah Rastafari firstly who gives me the creative energy to create these mixes. I am a dub and vinyl enthusiast and collector so I decided to release my flavor of dub mixes that represents this generation. The Revival Dub mixtape series primarily focuses on the dub productions of today’s artists and producers who are neglected by the mainstream. I feature dub productions from the “Reggae Revival” generation like Chronixx, Protoje, Jah9, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr, Runkus, Xana Romeo, and Micah Shemaiah to name a few, but also other artists and producers who are doing awesome works on the dub scene today. The time is now to highlight and energize the dub movement and scene on this side of the world as our brothers and sisters overseas have been doing for so long. The dub scene in Jamaica and the US is growing at a wild rate and I want to provide an alternative for those who are unfamiliar with its existence. When you take into account the rise and dominance of EDM and Dubstep which came from dub, you still hear the heavy dub influence in those genres. It’s definitely time for us in the dub scene to show that the movement is alive and well. In my opinion, the music has become too regional. One would think with the internet and technology of this era, music would be more united in a certain sense because we have access to it all. My mixes are not limited to Reggae Revival Jamaica, you also get some UK productions from artists like Gappy Ranks, Mr. Williamz, Exco Levi from Canada, John Brown’s Body from Ithaca/Boston and The Lions from LA. I keep it eclectic for all nations to join in the vibrations.


Cosmo Laidlaw Bhingi – Intro
Predator Dub Assasins – Natty promise to Dub
Steel Pulse ft Damian Marley – No Weapons Dub Mix
Rootz Underground – Victims of a System Orange Hill Dub Mix
Dub Tonic Kru – Jah Love Dub
Samory I – Til Shiloh Dub
John Brown’s Body – Sound and Fury Ethiopian Zion Coptic Dub Remix
The Lions meet Dub Club – Revelations Alphabet city Dub
Irie Souljah ft Jesse Royal – Jah Jah Children Dub
Damian Marley – On the corner Dub
Iba Mahr ft Gregory Morris – Armour Dub
Mortimer – Warning (Vibe Dub mix)
Runkus – Kindness Dub Dubplate
Paolo Baldini Dub Files ft Hempress Sativa – Boom wha dah dah deng
Fantan Mojah ft Capleton Turbulence – Kingston Town Dub
Jesse Royal & Jah9 – Steamers Dub
Mikey General ft Mr.Williamz – Steam & Chant Dub
Addis Pablo – Far East Rasta
Jah9 – Fire
Runkus – Dub yuh Feet
Mr Williamz – Pull over Dub

About: Jah Blem Muzik is a Roots Reggae Dub Selector & Curator with a mission to document the Modern Roots Era.


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