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Reid Foster


Location Charlottesville, VA, USA
Recognized as Director of Rootfire
Life Education
Skills/Expertise Diligence, helping people not stress the small stuff, and fighting for things I believe in.
Lifestylee Mountain biking, cooking, writing, Settlers of Catan
Lyric “Music is a world within itself” -Stevie Wonder
Member since 2014



How were you first introduced to reggae music? Who was the artist? How/where did you hear them?

I ordered Bob Marley’s Legend from one of those mail-order CD/cassette catalogs in the mid-90’s (Columbia House? BMG?) and eventually I found my way to Natty Dread and Exodus. I was totally enamored with him as a young teenager but it wasn’t until a decade or so later that I really dove into reggae when, by chance, I got a job working with The Black Seeds management team in New Zealand. That’s when it all came full circle for me. Seth Herman pulled me in from there and I’ve never really looked back. It’s amazing how vast and deep the genre goes, and how underground it still feels, despite being the inspiration for so much of today’s modern music.

Influence on the scene

What have you done for reggae music? How do you contribute to/support the scene/community?  

I manage the careers of some of my favorite reggae artists and I run point on all things Rootfire. I believe that art leads culture, and reggae music has always been about finding a happier, healthier, more inclusive life for everyone. My goal is to empower artists to continue making the art that inspires us everyday.

Who are your favorite reggae artists:

In no particular order: The Expanders, Clinton Fearon, Yellowman, Tribal Seeds, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Bob Marley, John Brown’s Body, The Movement, Stick Figure, Steel Pulse, The Elovaters…

Who are your two favorite underground or regional artist:

Ooklah The Moc, For Peace Band, Lord Echo, Alific


Mixing Outside The Box – (non-digital):

Transcendental Meditation (TM) – I’ve tried various meditation techniques for a few years with varying degrees of success. I discovered TM awhile ago and it’s been a total game changer in terms of my ability to focus and see through roadblocks. It’s amazingly simple and powerful, and its benefits have been scientifically proven over and over again. Learn more at

Mixing Inside The Box – Tips/Apps (digital): 

Asana – Project management software that saves my sanity. Any emails I can’t respond to right away (or need to research more, etc) get forwarded into Asana where I can keep track of things, delegate, collaborate with team members and more. 

SquareCash — it works just like Venmo, but doesn’t include the social feed. Link your debit card and instantly send/receive money, just like a text message. It’s great!


Hustling Culture - (Media) Recommendations


The Alchemist, Siddhartha, Too Soon Old Too Late Smart


All Things Must Pass (The Story of Tower Records), Downloaded (Napster), Supermensch, The Defiant Ones


Seth Godin, Derek Sivers


Up First, The Tim Ferriss Show, The Bob Lefsetz Podcast, Masters Of Scale, Recode Media, and of course the Rootfire Radio Podcast 🙂