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Roots Record Showcase #6: Pablo Moses – “Revolutionary Dream”

Rootfire’s “Rare Record Showcase” is a bi-monthly series dedicated to sharing top-quality Jamaican and Jamaican-inspired records of the past, that have heretofore unjustly existed under the radar of all but the most deep-diving music lovers.

“A corrupted man’s heart is the ghetto. A righteous man’s heart is a paradise.” -Pablo Moses (“Corrupted Man”)

“When I reach Ethiopia I feel embarrassed, after telling I Idren I name Morris. Because the name I have is for a European; not the name of a black-black African! So take back you name and give I fe I name…”
-Pablo Moses (“Give I Fe I Name”)

Released in 1975, Pablo Moses’s “Revolutionary Dream” is one of those overlooked records that represents Roots Reggae’s golden era as well as almost any other musical offering from that time. Lovers of Burning Spear, Culture, The Ethiopians and The Gladiators would do well to add this killer album to their Roots playlist ASAP.

Favorite tracks are “Grasshopper,” “Corrupted Man,” “Give I Fe I Name,” “Blood Money,” and the re-release addition “We Should Be In Angola.” I could list more! I love this whole record.

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Devin spent almost 20 years as singer and songwriter for L.A. based roots-reggae band The Expanders. During that time he helped write/record/release 4 records, backed numerous veteran Jamaican artists at performances throughout California, and toured across the U.S. and Europe. He is also an experienced record selector and collector of Jamaican vinyl. Devin now splits his time between recording/performing solo acoustic reggae, playing guitar for veteran SoCal groups Long Beach Dub Allstars, The Lions, and Hepcat, and editing reggae news for You can follow him at @manlikedevin

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