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Prince Fatty & Shniece McMenamin: Disco Deception

Prince Fatty has a knack for showcasing the vocal prowess of the artists he works with, building a foundation of strong groove and dub for those featured performers to shine. His latest release, out to the public in its entirety on June 19, does exactly that. Disco Deception features the vocal talent of Shniece McMenamin, and the title of this EP could not be more on point. Featuring songs made famous by the likes of Tina Turner and LaVern Baker, Disco Deception brings the soul and the dance, but underneath it all lies that reggae dub inferno that is so undoubtedly Prince Fatty.

But in the world of Fatty, which has been a busy place over the past couple of years, the creation of a distinct sound means anything but becoming stale. And with releases like The Last Poets’ Understand What Dub Is, his Brazilian explorations with Monkey Jhayam on The Rolê Of Monkey Man, as well as his own recent album In the Viper’s Shadow, Prince Fatty shows no signs of slowing down. Disco Deception highlights the creativity and diversity of Fatty’s production skills, capturing pure vibe from compositions full of modulation, syncopation, and sophisticated harmonic motifs. 

The Prince may be providing that tasty fat, but the meat of Disco Deception comes from the smooth, soulful crooning of McMenamin. While she appears on both The Rolê Of Monkey Man and In the Viper’s Shadow, it’s Disco Deception that is all about what this powerhouse vocalist has to offer. Sensuality and grit, grace and raw power—McMenamin delivers a full spectrum of dynamic, meaningful performances on this collection of soul classics. In her own words:

Powerful Women = Powerful Music. Songs and singers that transcend time and dimensions. Myself, Fatty and Horseman have rocked these songs from the Far East to the shores of Brazil. We have brought to you the best of our Sound System Soul Experience.

In these uncertain and unpredictable times, Rootfire welcomes the opportunity to reflect on the cultural bedrock that music provides. There’s a unique ability that this medium has to lift spirits, connect people and remind us all that we are not alone in the world. With the summer months upon us, it’s easy to get down about cancelled tours, the grind of isolation, or just the inability to give your friends a hug. Next time you partake in a virtual happy hour with those you miss most, share a song that makes you feel good, makes you feel happy, makes you feel like what summer’s supposed to be. Having a hard time picking one? The infusion of soul and reggae found on Disco Deception might just have that summer jam you’ve been waiting for.


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