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Preserving Moments on Fujifilm Instax

Editor-MondayI believe there is beauty in the unknown and when you take an instant photo anything is possible. The anticipation, curiosity, and unpredictable result is what makes this format of photography so special. During California Roots Festival 2015 I took the initiative to preserve certain moments with my Fujifilm Instax. As a photographer it is important to understand the value of slowing down and “seeing” your subject, getting only one shot allows you to do that. I proudly present to you some of those glimpses of calmness and deep connection I had during this year at Cali Roots. I hope you enjoy.




Gonzo getting ready to perform with Tribal Seeds.

cali_polaroids-4Cali Roots producers Jeff Monser and Dan Sheehan at the end of the festival.

cali_polaroids-5Cypress Hill performing at The Bowl.

cali_polaroids-6E.N Young waiting to go on stage for his set.

cali_polaroids-7Dirty Heads performing at The Bowl.

cali_polaroids-8Nahko hugging Trevor Hall during his set.

cali_polaroids-9Chronixx walking towards the stage.

cali_polaroids-10David Hinds walking towards the stage.

cali_polaroids-11Natalie Pa’apa’a right after her set with Blue King Brown.

cali_polaroids-12Dustin Thomas praying after his set.

cali_polaroids-13Steven Jacobo and his brother Tony-Ray right before their set with Tribal Seeds.

cali_polaroids-14Dan Kelly right before his set with Fortunate Youth.

cali_polaroids-15The Skints right after their set.

cali_polaroids-16Angelo Moore posing for a photo.

cali_polaroids-17Karim Israel right before his set with Arise Roots.

cali_polaroids-18Slightly Stoopid perfoming at The Bowl.

cali_polaroids-19Iration huddling before their set.

cali_polaroids-20Collie Buddz sitting for a portrait before his set.

cali_polaroids-21Mike Love performing at the Bowl.

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Photographer at Josue Rivas Foto
I’m a photographer and storyteller based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area.

I was born in Mexico and was raised in Los Angeles. Both my parents are photographers so I was around cameras from a very early age.

Photography is the tool that allows me to connect to the world. I believe that each person and moment has an essence that can be captured through a camera. I'm passionate in my work about profiling the edges of culture. Through some of my portraits, I unveil stories of those who live in the shadows of our society. Meanwhile, embedded on tour, I have the privilege of revealing intimate moments in the lives of some of the most visible musical performers of today.

I typically carry a camera wherever I go, but when I’m not shooting, you can find me reading, watching documentaries and spending time with my loved ones.

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Love these!

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