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Rootfire Premiere [Terms]

 Premiere [Terms]: Updated April 23, 2016

What is a Rootfire Premiere?
A premiere and feature of your song at ,  on Rootfire’s socials, as well as featured in a Rootfire email blast.

What does “exclusive” mean?
Exclusive in this context indicates an understanding by the artist, their label, and their team that for a short period an artist’s song will be primarily available for both the Artist and Rootfire to co-promote together.

Is it ok for the band/publicist/other blogs to share the link or embed the song into other websites during the exclusive time period?
YES- please share heavily.

Art and description:  Artist, their label, and their team agree that for the length of the premiere the cover art displayed will include a “Rootfire Exclusive” logo on it. The track’s title/name will be followed by (Rootfire Premiere) at the end of it.

To see examples go to:


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