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From heady late night phone calls, crashing on couches, flights to the west coast, trains on the east coast, concerts, concerts, and more concerts, we are lucky to have linked up with a group of like minded folks. Some of these relationships have grown into business partnerships. We think it’s a lot more fun to go it with friends, than go it alone.

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Herbivore Publicity is a Washington DC/Brooklyn NY-based public relations firm. Created by Curtis Bergesen in 2007, Herbivore specializes in social media, touring bands, management, marketing, and online consulting. –> Read More

Easy Star Records has created an impressive body of work that includes progressive recordings from envelope-pushing acts like John Brown’s Body, The Black Seeds, Tommy T and Ticklah; reissues of classic reggae from the vaults of Sugar Minott and Linval Thompson; new music from reggae legends The Meditations and Sister Carol; and collaborations with international reggae stars like Matisyahu, Luciano, Anthony B and Morgan Heritage. –> Read More

Silverback Music Management has become a platform for independent artists to navigate through the music industry as a positive force, with a deep-rooted penchant for serious touring, recording, performance and entertainment. Continuously striving for a progressive business model within an ever-changing music industry, Silverback possesses cutting-edge management solutions to represent their artists’ vision with ultimate integrity. –> Read More

Controlled Substance Sound Labs was formed by The Phillips Brothers as an artistic pipeline for our family of artists currently under the banner of- Silverback Management. We maintain a grassroots and artist-friendly environment, with a serious penchant for credible artists that share a somewhat common niche. We just love good music, and although we represent musicians from all over the map, our artists seem to have a common bond with one another stylistically in some form. –> Read More

California Roots & Music Festival
The California Roots Music & Arts Festival is a 3-day celebration held over Memorial Day weekend at the beautiful Monterey County Fairgrounds. We take great pride in producing the highest quality musical and art experience as well as sharing one of the most beautiful places in the world, Monterey, California! –> Read More

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