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Warped Tour photos from Taylor Miller

“The reggae/rock genre has been encouraging of my [photography] efforts, and my level of comfort with many bands has reached the point where I consider many my big brothers. My time with them has enabled me to build a hearty

Taylor Miller

photography portfolio, which has led to other artistic opportunities including a spot on the Warped Tour (2011-2013)”.  … Read More

Saadi + the rise of the EP and decline in young marriage

I was in love with Saadi’s EP Take It Easy way half way through the second song.

I first heard Saadi during a Rootmusic training video showcasing promotional features for the popular facebook bandpage.

A few days later Erin (my girlfriend, roommate, lover) and I invited friends to our apartment for a listening party.… Read More

The Artwork of ISO50

In 2007 I was working on a new website for John Brown’s Body. While meeting with a designer in NYC, we spoke of merchandise storefront options for the band. He suggested that I reach out to Merchline, and showed me a storefront that they had created for ISO50.… Read More