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First Listen: Sun-Dried Vibes – Your Eyes

Aside from having one of the coolest names in the reggae-rock genre, Sun-Dried Vibes has a growing catalog of catchy, enjoyable music which is about to expand with the release this week of their fourth full length album, Stay Hopeful.

Since 2010, SDV has been grinding out a living, performing a staggering 275 shows per year.Read More

First Listen: The Olés – Rise

Hailing from sunny Santa Barbara, California, The Olés are back with their latest single, the title track off their upcoming album Rise. Conquering the challenges and hardships of life lies at the heart of this most recent release, accentuated by a driving arrangement that leads the listener over the mountain and into the valley below.… Read More

Ozomatli Meets The Original Wailers – New Single + Upcoming Tour Dates

Fire. Passion. Dance. This is what lies behind the name of LA’s Ozomatli. Ozo has joined forces with The Original Wailers on their latest single “Chota” featuring Al Anderson, Chali 2Na and Warren Huang. Backing up this collaboration, the two powerhouses are hitting the road for select dates across the western US, bringing their high-energy live shows to fans from across generations.… Read More

Deep Dive: Alific – Behold the Power of Bulletproof Coffee (Rootfire World Premiere)


-Installation Three- Behold the Power of Bulletproof Coffee

It’s August 10 and Alific‘s new album Eclectic Radio is officially available on all digital platforms. In our final installation of this Deep Dive series we sat down with Alific to talk about the creative process, how Eclectic Radio is different from his previous releases, and that high-octane brain juice known as Bulletproof Coffee.… Read More