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Kellie Nowell Speaks About The Nowell Family Foundation

Win “The House That Bradley Built” Vinyl

The bittersweet Odyssey of Sublime is both a Cinderella story and a tragedy.  

Fusing ska, dub, roots and dancehall reggae, punk, hip-hop and even heavy metal and acoustic-folk, the Long Beach trio incorporated disparate influences along with samples and sound-bites to concoct an original sound that would unexpectedly propel them from playing backyard barbecues, college parties and dive bars around Southern CA.Read More

Vibrações & Clinton Fearon meets Lucas Kastrup – Reggae Juntinho

The single “Reggae Juntinho” celebrates an incredible musical partnership. The band Vibrações from Brazil joins the legendary Jamaican Clinton Fearon, one of the founding members of The Gladiators and Lucas Kastrup, drummer for Ponto de Equilíbrio.

Kastrup’s original composition made a trip to Seattle and Maceió, cities where Clinton Fearon and Luiz de Assis, lead singer of Vibrações respectively live.… Read More

Music Nomad: The Independent Artist’s Resource Heaven

Interview with Music Nomad founder Rand Rognlien

Even before the live music industry came to an indefinite stunning halt in March 2020, effectively cutting the life-support chord for thousands if not millions of professional touring musicians, the independent artist living and working on capitalist 21st-century planet Earth needed all the help she could get.Read More