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California Roots Festival – Hard Work Pays Off (Video)

Jesse Yonover is a longtime neighbor, friend, and supporter of The Green. He put together a short video documenting the band at this year’s California Roots Festival. Cali Roots has become the ultimate destination for fans, bands, artists, bloggers, killer Indian Food creators, managers, agents, record labels, and promoters (from as far away as France) to unite around the scene.… Read More

The Movement – Small Axe (Bob Marley cover) – Live at Sugarshack Sessions

Tune Of The Week: May 29 – June 4
“For us [Small Axe] means finding the truth, chopping away at negativity, and finding happiness in our own lives while bringing happiness to our friends, family, and fans.”
– Hook (Joshua Swain of The Movement)

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Introducing Sugarshack Sessions: 
A new Florida-based video series featuring musicians performing mostly acoustic songs on a patio under palm trees.… Read More

Rootfire Mixtape 005! Mixed by Alific

Our fifth mixtape Selecting Shadows Of Friends In The Woods is out now! The mix is our first since last May’s California Roots Festival, and comes just in time for your travels to the Carolina Sessions. We have been teaming up with Alific for the last year and this is the third mix he has produced, with selection assistance from Seth Herman.… Read More

Alific album to be released Sept 10 on Rootfire Records

Writer Sehmaj Surreal describes Rootfire as “an antenna for the right people to connect with the right people, about the right things.” Depending on which lens you are looking through, the idea may be ambitious or ambiguous. It is with Surreal’s sentiment in mind that Rootfire shares ideas, in hopes that we will all be brought closer to the people we should connect with and vice versa.… Read More



One of the greatest compliments PANDA! ever received was said by guitar player Errol Moore in the doorway to the dressing room of The Independent in San Francisco, CA. To be clear, it was the supporting band’s dressing room, and it wasn’t exactly a compliment, though we took it as one.… Read More

Violence, Desires, and Re-Direction

So much has happened in the past seven days.  Where to start?  Again, beginning with Futbol does not seem to be fitting of this day.  I still do not know where to start.  What has really been on my mind, is the gun violence that has permeated Chicago, and our Nation as a whole. … Read More

Scott Belsky – Making Ideas Happen

Scott talks about why it’s so easy to come up with new ideas rather than finishing what we start and how we can break that cycle.

So many times people get hung up and worried about putting things out, because they are not perfect.… Read More

Fakin’ the Jamaican: The difference between accent and dialect

Last March I was fortunate enough to visit the island of Jamaica for vacation. I find myself using the word FORTUNATE quite a bit lately. I am FORTUNATE to be able to travel to the places that I do. For example, right now I am most FORTUNATE to be writing this entry from the sea view of Massouri on the Greek island of Kalymnos, as I wait in my hotel to get on a bus that will take us to the larger town of Pothia, where we will board a boat that will take us to the larger, more popular party destination of Kos.… Read More