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Music Nomad: The Independent Artist’s Resource Heaven

Interview with Music Nomad founder Rand Rognlien

Even before the live music industry came to an indefinite stunning halt in March 2020, effectively cutting the life-support chord for thousands if not millions of professional touring musicians, the independent artist living and working on capitalist 21st-century planet Earth needed all the help she could get.Read More

Acoustic Roots: A Stoopid Classic Hits Vinyl

Interview with Miles Doughty

And the road to life

Yes it goes up and down

Doesn’t really matter

As long as the music goes on

— Slightly Stoopid, “Collie-Man”

When it comes to music that is especially meaningful, people can often remember the first time they heard a particular song, album or artist. Read More

Upstate NY is more than just Griselda!

Upstate NY is a musical Mecca known for originality. In all styles, original homegrown music prevails. Recently the burnt over region has shown a lot of light in the indie-gone-mainstream hip hop world. Songwriter/rapper/musician/film maker/activist wants to remind folks, upstate NY is more than just Griselda!… Read More

First Listen: Blanc du Blanc – “Traffic Signals Dub”

“When somebody’s wearing a mask, he’s gonna tell you the truth. When he’s not wearing a mask, it’s highly unlikely.” – Bob Dylan (from Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Thunder Revue)

Let’s take a moment to project into the (hopefully not too distant) future, where you find yourself basking in the hue of moonlight with a clear, close view of a stage.… Read More

VINYL BOX SET GIVEAWAY: Down In Jamaica – 40 Years of VP Records

*excerpts of this article originally published in The Sunday Gleaner by Yasmine Peru

The Reggae Podclash is giving away the Vinyl Box Set Down In Jamaica: 40 Years of VP Records

Four decades of the evolution of the music that has been dubbed ‘the heartbeat of the people’ have been chronicled by VP Records in a box set so exquisite that noted reggae historian and author Roger Steffens has called it “the most extraordinary project in reggae history”.Read More