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Turbulence & Anthony B Team Up for New Single “Defenders”

This is not the first time that Jamaican heavyweights Turbulence and Anthony B have connected on a track, and that is made clear via their chemistry on the new single ‘Defenders‘. These two powerful voices in Reggae music assert their claim that “we are the defenders, defenders of Jah army”, vowing to continue to uphold and protect the legacy of Reggae music and the Rastafari people.… Read More

First Watch: The Far East – “Magic Moments”

Let’s face it – for most, life is a struggle or, at the least, a grind. Even the most fortunate will inevitably face their share of troubles. Sometimes the human experience can seem a cruel hoax, the gift of consciousness a heavy burden as we move through life trying not to fixate on our inevitable deaths, and those of everyone we love.Read More

Kellie Nowell Speaks About The Nowell Family Foundation

Win “The House That Bradley Built” Vinyl

The bittersweet Odyssey of Sublime is both a Cinderella story and a tragedy.  

Fusing ska, dub, roots and dancehall reggae, punk, hip-hop and even heavy metal and acoustic-folk, the Long Beach trio incorporated disparate influences along with samples and sound-bites to concoct an original sound that would unexpectedly propel them from playing backyard barbecues, college parties and dive bars around Southern CA.Read More