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Review of Michael Franti Performance at The Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ. 11/7/19

Michael Franti is not on tour; he’s on a mission. A revival to spread peace, love, healing, acceptance, inclusion, tolerance and hope.

I often refer to my regular attendance at concerts as “church” because of the upliftment these experiences provide. While this may illicit scoffs from more casual listeners, people who largely ignore music, and/or the deeply devout who attend actual religious services, committed music fans will concur that these events can provide real, meaningful spiritual fulfillment.Read More

The 18th Annual International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

Heads up songwriters! The 18th annual International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is taking entries now and the deadline to enter is fast approaching. Much like Rootfire, the ISC is all about finding new and under-appreciated artists, and giving them some exposure as well as some assistance to reach their dreams.Read More

Thievery Corporation: Show Review – Pier 17, NYC, 10/11/19

In the mid 90s, I became enamored with a compilation CD that I had stumbled upon called Groovin High, Vol. 1., which introduced me to the serene and spacey yet rhythmic sounds of trip-hop. Delving into this newfound genre which captivated me with its laid-back, funky jams, I discovered a new world of downtempo music, which  included a more synth-driven version of dub, the instrumental, psychedelic subgenre of reggae music which I already had an affinity for.  Read More

Championing the Music of Hawaii: Aloha Got Soul

As a young man devouring music in Oahu, Roger Bong was captivated by the native sounds of the islands, from funk to soul, jazz, reggae and more. What began as collecting records eventually became blogging, and some years later Aloha Got Soul (AGS) launched the first and only record label devoted entirely to music from the Hawaiian islands.Read More