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Sugarshack Sessions | The Green “Something About It”

South Florida-based Sugarshack Sessions launched in early 2014 on the back of a 6 second video trailer that promised “A raw, creative, acoustic experience captured in full hd video and high quality mixed and mastered sound.” In less than two years they have produced nearly 100 [HIGH QUALITY] videos, many of which place heavy emphasis on American reggae; including artists like The Movement, The Expanders, New Kingston, Tatanka, Arise Roots, and Sol Seed.… Read More

GPGDS New Video + Fall Tour

This is a tour NOT to be missed by any Panda fan or live music fan in general. The Simpkin Project is one of our very favorite bands ever. We have been preaching about them for the past 10 years to all of you people. This is their FIRST EAST COAST TOUR! To make it even more special, Chris and James will be supplying the drum and bass! We are humbled to play some of our favorite songs ever with the band that wrote them. It is beautiful music that we are excited to share with friends, family, and fans.

Rootfire World Premiere: Kimié Miner “Trouble”

On October 9, Hawaii’s Kimié Miner will release her self-titled album, featuring the smash pop-reggae tune “Trouble.” Supercharged by Miner’s divaesque performance and under the guise of Billy Van’s precision production, “Trouble” shines bright; with all the fuel needed to burn up radio stations worldwide, from the Pacific Islands to the BBC (listen up Gilles Peterson).… Read More

Rootfire World Premiere: Brooklyn Attractors LIVE IN NYC

On March 26th, 2014 the Brooklyn Attractors, including Victor Axelrod, Andy Bassford, Larry McDonald, Brett Tubin, Dan Jeselsohn, Eddie Ocampo, Buford O’Sullivan, Anant Pradhan, Luke Penella, and Rich Graiko came together to play a show at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY. Thankfully the audio was captured by the crew at Shapeshifter Lab and subsequently made available for release. This became “LIVE IN BROOKLYN”, the ATTRACTOR’S sophomore album and a rare hifi glance into the modern underground NYC Jamaican Jazz scene. The following is the unedited audio from that evening.

Rootfire World Premiere: HIRIE “I Wanna Be”

HIRIE has been burning bright since 2013, when her infectious single, "Sensi Boy," with its herb-coated hook, was passed from stereo to stereo throughout the scene. Instead of fading away HIRIE took her music to the road touring months on end, from acoustic performances on cruise ships, to guerrilla sets at festival lots, the live show became a priority and the country responded. Going into her second album, HIRIE is digging deeper into songwriting and production, enlisting the help of A grade producers like Jamaica’s Don Corleon, who co-produced her latest single "I Wanna Be." If HIRIE is able to record an album, that in her own words is "super heady, [with] lots of drum and bass, lots of dub sections," blended with her naturally accessible pop-reggae hooks, I believe that she could create an album that's integrity rises the tide for a scene that she has kept her feet grounded in since day one. Rootfire has supported many music related Kickstarter campaigns over the years, but none have touched our core more than this one, inspiring the "what ifs" where others have fallen short.