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Operation: Save the Manatee

Manatees are just adorable. Adorably fascinating in fact. Their growing symbiosis with humans ever expanding ecological footprint is endearing at the surface and disastrous in depth. Manatees have been found decimated by boat motors, poisoned by oil spills, and are losing habitat daily due to human sprawl.

Jimmy Buffett circa 1982 

Who says nothing good can come from the backstage of a Jimmy Buffet concert? Nobody! In 1981 Buffet and then Florida Governor Bob Graham shared a moment of concern backstage at a Miami show that led to the creation of the Save the Manatee Club, a 35-year growing and successful commitment to saving the manatee population of Southern Florida and the world. Outreach is their most important and effective strategy.

Rootfire At The Park is proud to be hosting Save the Manatee Club on the festival grounds. Please stop by to say hi and learn why manatees are so darn cute, how to adopt your very own, and become more informed about methods that can help sustain a future for these beautiful creatures and their environment.

Don’t miss out on the second annual Rootfire At The Park Nov 10-12 in Cocoa, FL. VIP tickets and single day passes can be found HERE. All proceeds to benefit Hurricane Irma relief in the City of Cocoa.

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