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OnePageLink – Online Promo Kits

Dubbed “the new standard for online promo kits” OnePageLink provides a central hub for an artist’s bio, music, photos, videos, etc, all under a content focused minimalistic theme.

Carlo Santone of Australian record label and management company Lion House founded OnePageLink. I met Carlo in 2008 when his band Blue King Brown toured in support of John Brown’s Body. Carlo has an amazing artistic vision, which can be seen on every media asset that BKB puts out. From compelling press photos, album packaging, to graphic design, Carlo is someone working hard to take the scene aesthetically forward.

When I asked Carlo about where the idea came from his response was:

“I have been part of organizations that go through thousands of band applications [for festivals and grant programs]; it was amazing to see how many bands just didn’t have a basic foundation page, all we wanted was one page that centralised all the basics and was easy to navigate, and i felt there was a real hole online for this. That is what moved me to bring this idea to life, I want the layout to remain in a way that the band’s imagery and info is able to speak for itself, [which] really helps get to the core of who a band is. From a biz approach I don’t want it [OnePageLink] to feel too corporate or exclusive, not my style, I like that it [OnePageLink] is accessible to anyone right now; from the ground up. It’s an industry tool, a one stop place for all your approved promo material. Its most definitely not yet another social page to look after. What is also really useful and fresh about One Page Link is that it can also be used to create campaign pages for new albums, singles or videos, or for online press releases – we’re using it right now for a Julian Marley tour we’re promoting and getting really positive results. It’s purposefully simple in the backend and front to give people with or without any design or web building skills or connections a really useable platform. I use onepagelink for my bands almost everyday.”

Check out OnePageLink here:
Examples: Rebelution , Katchafire , Blue King Brown

Plans are free for 30 days and then run $4.95 per month or $49 per year.

Enter code “Rootfire” in the promotional field, and you will automatically extend the trial period from 30 days to 90 days.



Rootfire is getting zero kickback from OnePageLink. I wrote this post because in addition to believing that there is real value in OnePageLink, I believe in Carlo. For the last 5 years Carlo has continuously provided great advice and I think his industry perspective is excellent for adding value to what OnePageLink seeks to do, which is to clearly showcase promotional material. On a personal note- I do not use OnePageLink. The reason is simple- before OnePageLink existed I built promotional pages for the bands I managed which served a similar function and delivered content in a way that I felt was and still is effective. Should this change, I will consider using OnePageLink.

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Seth founded Rootfire while he was managing a group of influential modern reggae acts, including The Green, John Brown’s Body, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. The goal of the project has always been to connect the people who participate in the modern reggae movement.

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