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New Kingston – Get Ready / A likkle bit ah Herb feat. Eric Rachmany (Premiere)

Mr. Officer why did you stop me…? Lately its been difficult to imagine anyone stopping let alone slowing New Kingston down. The band made up of brothers Courtney, Stephen, and Tahir comes correct yet again with this this 420 banger featuring Eric Rachmany and co-produced by Fabian Cooke. If you have a chance to see New Kingston live, DO IT. The group’s enjoyment on stage is infectious and their musicianship has turned them into one of this year’s summer festival staples from the Northeast all the way out to Humboldt County.  New Kingston

PS: check out Rootfire’s premiere of  “Honorable” by New Kinston here. “Honorable” was the very first song Rootfire ever premiered back in January 2015.

New Kingston On Tour:

5/13/2016 – Sacramento, CA – Concerts In the Park
5/29/2016 – Salisbury, MA – Sunday at Surfside
6/9/2016 – Albuquerque, NM – Launchpad
6/10/2016 – Flagstaff, AZ – The Green Room
6/17/2016 – Boonville, CA – Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
6/27/2016 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheater
7/3/2016 – Virginia Beach, VA – Shakas Live
8/4/2016 – Garberville, CA – Reggae on the River
8/20/2016 – Beverly, WV – Camp Barefoot 10 Music & Arts Festival

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Seth founded Rootfire while he was managing a group of influential modern reggae acts, including The Green, John Brown’s Body, and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. The goal of the project has always been to connect the people who participate in the modern reggae movement.

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