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Morgan Heritage “Wanna Be Loved” (Photo Feature)

Nominated for this year’s Grammy for Best Reggae Album, Morgan Heritage is preparing to release a music video for “Wanna Be Loved” featuring Eric Rachmany of Rebelution. Dropping Monday, January 18, the video features epic live footage from last summer’s Catch A Fire Tour.

Rootfire is featuring sneak peeks of still shots from the “Wanna Be Loved” music video all week long. Photos: 2016 © CTBC Music Group, used with permission.

MH-Wanna-Be-Video-2 MH-Wanna-Be-Video-3 MH-Wanna-Be-Video-4 MH-Wanna-Be-Video-5 MH-Wanna-Be-Video-6 MH-Wanna-Be-Video-7 photo-1

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