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Massive B and Anthony B Team up with a Politically Conscious Single

Massive B heats up again with politically conscious anthem, “Babylon Bitch”, voiced by iconic Reggae Dancehall artist Anthony B. The record joins Massive B’s catalogue alongside a wealth of activist led compositions. “Babylon Bitch” arrives at the perfect time as tensions remain high regarding elections in both the United States and Anthony B’s native land of Jamaica. The empowering record is meant to not only educate the masses on the corruption of said governments, but to deeper expose the recurring hypocrisy spewed by those in office.

“Babylon Bitch” initiates with heavy lyrics highlighting the government’s false sense of minority protection that is displayed only during election years. As the tune continues, Anthony B pledges to stay true to his Rastafari roots, promising that he will never fall victim to political agendas. Throughout the song listeners are encouraged to “light up the fire” not in a physical sense, but to terminate all practices, groups, and ideals that are unproductive and detrimental to humanity.

About Massive B: Led by DJ Bobby Konders and partner Jabba, Massive B describes themselves as “Music for the People”. Founded in Brooklyn, NY, Massive B Sound System serves as an independent label and production outlet. Alongside Massive B’s expansive history of productions, Bobby Konders and Jabba have maintained a legendary commercial radio tenure on New York City’s Hot 97 fusing reggae and hip-hop together for millions to hear weekly.

About Anthony B: With a strong history of politically slanted records, Anthony B solidified himself as a Reggae household name many moons ago. Since his debut in the early 1990’s Anthony B has become notorious for his conscious lyrics and Rastafari religion, both of which are reflected heavily in his music. Anthony B is widely known for his highly energetic stage presence, fiery enough to ignite any international stage.


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