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Marcus Gad


Genre: Reggae
Hometown: Nouméa
Years Active: (2015–present)


Marcus Gad: Vocals
Jean Hoareau: Drums
David Garcia: Bass
Franck Paulin: Keyboards
Raphaël Baldy: Lead Guitar
Nicolas Duchamp: Rhythm Guitar


Label: Baco Records
Label Contacts: Jean-Baptiste Gerbaux,
Managers: Ugo Frézal,
Booking Agency: Talowa Productions
Booking Agents: Bastien Bacha,
Tour Managers: Damalistik,
FOH Engineers: Clement "Tamal" Thouard,


Rhythm Of Serenity (2020) Enter A Space (2019) Chanting (2017) Purify (2016) Soul Talk (2015)



Cultural ambassador of a South Pacific island where nature and Tribal customs are still greatly preserved, Marcus Gad leans on the power of Reggae to develop profound themes and open the listener to new reflections, in a time when big changes must be brought about for the sake of Humanity and life itself. Marcus Gad artistic universe is as vast than singulart: a touch of Aboriginal music, Eastern vocal scales reciting thousand-year-old Indian mantras, tints of soul and even hip-hop. The depth of the lead voice and backing vocals, hypnotically chanted, bind harmoniously all of his inspirations and compose a rich and strongly grounded identity loaded with symbolism.
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