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Issue #3

February 17, 2015

Things are moving fast and furious on If you haven’t yet had the chance to check out our previous issues, they’re conveniently packaged in our archives and make for fun late night reading when you’re craving a reggae music rabbit hole to swim down. This is our third issue since the relaunch and it feels really good that each week we’ve got new voices involved. This week we’re featuring a brand new song from Through The Roots as another exclusive world premiere. It’s available as a free download for the next 24 hours.

As usual Semaj Surreal is holding down the big picture with an amazing story that examines how homophobic themes got mixed up with reggae and how we chase them out of town. Giles Morris, our editor, is keeping the lens fresh with some thoughts on riddim and message. And’s Jesse Yonover looks back at SOJA’s impact on the scene, island style.

I definitely want to tease next week because we have big things planned for Bob Marley’s birthday, we’re welcoming The Movement’s Joshua Swain to the writing team, and we may have 2.0 ready for some crowd participation.

Root down, live up!


  • Giles Morris - Author & editor
  • James Searl - Author
  • Jesse Yonover - Author
  • Seth Herman - Author
  • Andy Pritiken - Graphic design & cover photo
  • Curtis Bergesen - Community mgmt.

“You must kill them. All of the batty men run when you see them. All up in your community, mon, me gon’ kill them. Man need a woman, can’t live without them, that’s why me comin’ after them!”

That’s what I sang into the microphone.… Read More

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In high school I had a friend, two years older than me, who had Judah’s Lion tattooed on his arm. In D.C. that meant Bad Brains and to me it was cooler than cool. Never mind he was a star soccer player, had a hot girlfriend, and drove a brand new Mazda MX-6.… Read More

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“Patience my friend. The key is just time,” sings Eric Rachmany on Through The Roots’ newest single “Bear With Me”.  The electro-roots track is a collaboration between Through The Roots, Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, and Oahu’s freshest production trio Live Animaux (JP Kennedy, Leslie Ludiazo, Christian Mochizuki).… Read More

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I’ll never forget the first time I heard “Rasta Courage” off SOJA’s debut album, Peace in A Time Of War. It was just about 10 years ago, long before the radios had played it, the promoters hyped it, and the record stores sold it.… Read More

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