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Maad T-Ray


Genre: Reggae
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Years Active: (2015–present)


Label: Maad World
Management Company: Pacific Music Company


Reach Out (2015)



Maad T­-Ray is an artist and producer from San Diego, CA, and is also a founding member of the group Tribal Seeds. His debut solo album “Reach Out” continues the Roots Rock Reggae sound that Tribal Seeds embodies but with added distinct compositions to give Maad T­-Ray a unique sound of his own.

“Reach Out” has artist features from Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, New Kingston, Hirie, Katherine Ramirez of Mystic Roots, and Wakane. This 9 track album displays a variety of Reggae styles sure to interest Reggae fans in all spectrums of the Reggae genre.

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