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Lua Flora


Genre: World Folk/Reggae/Transformational Roots
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Years Active: (2020–present)


Evan Button: Guitar, Vocals
Sean Gorham: Bass, Charango
Hinton Edgerton: Mandolin, Harmony Vocals, Bass



Cultivated in the mountains of North Carolina, Lua Flora is a floral mixture of Reggae and World Folk. The band prides themselves on their technical approach and desire to provoke thought through their music and lyrics. In a variety of formats, the trio has played together for more than six years and members have opened for bands such as Satsang and Dangermuffin.

Lua Flora is comprised of Evan Button (vocals, guitar), Sean Gorham (bass, charango), and Hinton Edgerton (mandolin, bass, harmony vocals) who have all performed at notable venues around the world including The Lincoln Theater, The Norva, Shaka’s Live, Carnegie Hall, and across Iceland and France.

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