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The lost water bottles are finally here!

Dear Rootfire At The Park attendees

We are relieved to tell you that the lost water bottles are finally here! Thank you for your incredible patience while we located the shipment and created a revised plan to distribute the water bottles to you. Starting today, you can pick your water bottle up in person anytime over the next 10 months at Ricky Carroll Surfboards in Rockledge, FL. You can also pick up your water bottle at the next Rootfire At The Park on November 11, 2017. Please keep reading for more information below, along with a list questions and answers. Thank you for helping build and support Rootfire At The Park; we can’t wait to see you again this November!


The long story:

First of all, thank you for being part of the first inaugural Rootfire At The Park in Cocoa, Florida!  When we first dreamed up the event, it was our intention to bring together the music we loved with a community that inspired us. One of the ways we hoped to reduce our environmental impact was to provide reusable water bottles and refilling stations that would give you access to free water, while reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles, something we strongly believe needs to change worldwide.

Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Matthew and shipments being delayed the water bottles arrived at the festival two days after the event and were then re-routed to a warehouse in upstate New York.  

A lot of people have asked us where and when they could pick up their water bottles. Luckily the good people at Ricky Carroll Surfboards in Rockledge, FL volunteered to store them in their surf shop, and let you pick them up anytime between now and the next Rootfire At The Park on November 11, 2017.

Where you can pick up your water bottles:

Ricky Carroll Surfboards
488 Gus Hipp Blvd
Rockledge, FL 32955
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 5pm

How to get your water bottle:

The shop manager will have a list. All you have to do is tell him/her the name you purchased your tickets under and she/he will check your name off the sheet to indicate you picked up your water bottle(s). If your friend bought tickets and gave them to you, please offer an honest story and I am sure they will take care of you. We are not trying to make this hard. You could likely even show a copy of the email you received as proof you were at the event.

A few people had questions and we want to address them:

Q: Can you send me my water bottle?

A: No, unfortunately, we do not have the resources both financially or physically to mail out water bottles.

Q: But I don’t live in Florida, so can’t you just make an exception and mail it to me?

A: We are sorry, but our office is in Virginia and we have not even seen a water bottle ourselves. We do not have a budget to pay for the postage / mailing materials or to hire someone to handle mailing them out.

Q: But, I thought I got a water bottle with my ticket, so shouldn’t you mail me one?

A: We promised to give the first 2,000 fans a free water bottle when they arrived at the festival, but in no way were we selling water bottles. The water bottle was supposed to be a perk that would let you save money so you did not have to buy water while also doing something good for the environment. We did provide free water and cups for you to drink out of at the event, but we had no backup plan for distributing water bottles after the event. Thank you for understanding that we just can’t begin to handle physical mailing of bottles.

Q: What are my options if I can’t get to the shop but want the water bottle?

A: We will bring the leftover water bottles to the 2017 Rootfire At The Park. If you join us at the event (which we hope you will) you can pick up your 2016 water bottle at the festival in November 2017.

Q: Will you offer this program again and give out water bottles in 2017?

A: We will give anyone who attended the 2016 festival a water bottle if they come in 2017 until we run out of water bottles, but we do not yet know if we will be running the same kind of program at the event. We are dedicated to giving away free water but might switch to a model that encourages people to bring their own water bottles, since we don’t want to put anyone in a situation like we were in when the water bottles we ordered did not arrive.

Q: What about donating the $2,000 to Keep Brevard Beautiful (KBB)? Did you do that?

A: Yes, we donated $1 from the first 2,000 tickets (Totaling $2,000) to the non-profit KBB in November 2016. We hope to work with KBB again in 2017 and are committed to improving our greening practices with each event.

Q: I still have questions.

A: Please email us at: [email protected] or respond to this email. Thank you!

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