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Leilani Wolfgramm


Genre: Reggae
Hometown: Orlando, FL


Live Wire (2018) Rebel (2014) I Burn (2013)



Leilani Wolfgramm. Hailing from the streets of Orlando, Florida but writing and singing about universal themes of pleasure, pain, satisfaction, and struggle, she wields her voice like a weapon and keen insight like salve.

With a presence that punches above the weight of her lean frame, she commands your attention, admiration, and respect from the moment she struts onstage or one of her hooks worms its way into your ear. After picking up music at an early age then performing with her brothers’ band for a time, she went solo in 2014, releasing her label debut Rebel the same year.

From that record came breakout single “Herbivore,” along with media attention and critical consideration.After years on the road supporting Rebel—playing with bands like Incubus, Ziggy Marley, Tribal Seeds, The Green, Common Kings and many more—she returned to the studio to lay down sophomore effort Live Wire (2018).

While reggae may have a deservedly happy-go-lucky reputation, Leilani delves into personal struggles and family tragedy to deliver a musical memoir that flips the genre on its head.

While the songs on Live Wire Can be challenging, they don’t give in to despair, instead applying honesty to difficulty—but also to hope. As Leilani explains: “I write music to celebrate being alive. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad—all the lessons I’ve Learned

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