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Kids Rule at Rockstar Row

Building community starts from the ground up. Curating an amazing weekend of live bands provides a main attraction for music festival goers, but it is often the smaller details that really make an event exceptional. Many people identify with festival culture as a lifestyle, but not every festival embraces an emphasis on healthy day-to-day lifestyle as part of its culture. Rootfire At The Park provides this emphasis through offerings like Soccer Garden Party, daily Yoga, and discounted tickets for riding your bike. We are excited to add Rockstar Row to the list of community-oriented offerings this year.

Rockstar Row is the perfect spot for kids of all ages to relish in the limelight with a variety of activities focused on creating their own rockstar royalty persona. The brainchild of founder Kimmie Stone-Caputo, Rockstar Row is a designated area within the festival grounds for kids to hang with other kids and participate in age-geared activities. From creating their own custom “backstage pass” to getting their face painted, hair and nails done, and temporary tattoos applied, this kids zone is a must stop for every family attending Rootfire At The Park this year.

One of the most beautiful aspects of RR’s design is that the activities are run by volunteers from local middle and high schools. Kimmie has recruited and trained this select number of teen volunteers, placing them in a mentoring role for young rockstars attending the festivities. Anyone who has experienced the magic of younger kids interacting with their elder peers can appreciate the impact of this dynamic.

Rockstar Row will be open from 12-8 on Saturday and 12-7 on Sunday at the second annual Rootfire At The Park, held Nov 10-12 in Cocoa, FL. All proceeds of this year’s Rootfire At The Park will directly benefit Hurricane Irma Relief in the city of Cocoa. Rockstar Row will be accepting additional donations to benefit the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research. VIP passes and single day tickets are available here.


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