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Kes Releases Live Album – “We Home” – Via Ineffable Records

A variety of Caribbean music has burst through US airwaves in recent years. Salsa, Mirengue, Reggaeton, y mas!! But if you REALLY know what’s up, you know it’s SOCA time. You may already be whining your waist in the kitchen to the music of Kes. Oh, you’re not? You don’t know? Fear not – as the world’s most popular SOCA artist Kes is finally being presented to the earbuds and dance spots of the USA. You might not believe it, but we all need to learn how to have a lot more fun around here.

Calypso started as a protest music in Trinidad Tobago, but Soca is for party. This is Carnival music. Via Ineffable Records, the soul of Calypso aka Soca is now officially burning its way through US airwaves . Since launching its label arm, Ineffable has made it a priority to bring the most popular artists from the Carribean to listeners and lovers in musical markets of the United States.

Kes Soca music is beyond infectious. It’s sexy, sweaty, and as they say in the record’s prelude, “the beginning of the endless summer.”

We need Soca SO BAD people. We all need that extra turn TF-UP boost. We need some help remembering the moment, the magic. Most of all, we need the collective energy to motivate us to dance. As mentioned, Kes’ live band is THE hottest Soca band in the world. They are the full package. Blending soca, pop, rock, reggae, calypso, dancehall and afrobeats together is just one part of their greater calling. “We Home” includes all the hand waving you want from reggae along with the sunshine rays of African inspired guitar playing and dramatically dynamic drum and bass. Each track is relentless in rhythm, call and response, and positivity. With over 100,000,000 plays on streaming platforms, the world knows about the KES effect. The energy pulses throughout. Kes Live is here to help all the Americans gyrate, wine, and all around big up the place. Kes’ album “We Home” drops on Aug 28 on all US platforms followed by a full band Kes Live concert special streaming on Aug 31 worldwide.


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