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Jacuzzi Fuzz


Genre: Reggae/Rock
Hometown: Miami, FL
Years Active: (2002–present)


Andy Clavijo: Guitar, Vocals
Jonathan Colorado: Drums
Martin Manzanarez: Bass Guitar
Xevi Valles: Keyboards
Stephen Goralnick: Trombone




Established in the city of Miami, Florida, Jacuzzi Fuzz is a product of its environment – a mix of latin roots, hip hop beats, reggae riddims and hot-tempered punk rockers. The band started out in 2002 as a humble-three piece band that made noise throughout Florida and shook up the scene. In 2008, they released their first EP Mourning Miami and 2009, the Best Worst-Case Scenario. In December 2016, the band released two new singles, “In Orbit” and “Hoverboard,”. Now re-formed as a 5-piece with keyboards and horns, the band strives to new heights with their live performances and upcoming releases.

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