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Global Watch Party: Katchafire – Fyah in the Trenches + Live Chat with the Band

Technology is everywhere these days, and despite controversies surrounding privacy there’s no denying that one upside is the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere at any time—and in a variety of ways. Enter today’s Global Watch Party with New Zealand’s Katchafire. Their new video for “Fyah in the Trenches” premieres today, and they are making the time to chat with fans world-wide as it does via YouTube live stream. Join the band and fellow fans at 1PM PT (4PM ET) as the interwebs help remind us that the world may be a big place, but likeminded people are around every corner of it.

Join the Katchafire Global Watch Party for “Fyah in the Trenches” today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) via YouTube live stream.

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Brian Nelson a.k.a. Red Ninja is passionate about making music, making friends, experiencing life and living to tell the tale. Whether dropping heavy dub beats, cruising untouched Rocky Mountain powder, or talking shop about the music biz, Nelson’s approach is pure ninja.

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