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First Watch: Tropidelic – Leviathan

Rootfire is a platform for the American reggae scene. Flipping the ‘on’ switch for listeners new to the genre is an integral aspect of our mission. Walking hand in hand with this mission is recognizing bands with the ability to crossover between a variety of genres, reggae among them, while maintaining a definitive sound. It’s the 21st century, the internet has made the world a very small and very fast place. Purism toward a specific style of music is fading as the floodgate of millions of songs at the consumer’s fingertips is opened wide with services like YouTube and Spotify.

Finding talented bands that can navigate the fast pace of listener taste is always a challenge. LAW Records has proven up for the task with the signing of Tropidelic, of Cleveland, OH. Tropidelic blends reggae and hip hop with precise pop influenced songwriting on their upcoming release Heavy Is The Head due out Nov 10 on LAW records. Kicking off the album is “Leviathan,” a stand out track with its slow-build soundscape and soulful vocals. Hints of synth leads reminiscent of classic 90’s Death Row Records round out the track.

In lead of the Nov 10 release of Heavy Is The Head, Rootfire brings an exclusive first watch of “Leviathan,” directed by Adam Thomas. Simple backdrops and comfortable camera angles maximize the impact of the distinct imagery used throughout. Thomas plays on the intrigue of a mysterious suited messenger who seems to be always in the peripheral. All and all both music and video leave the audience feeling a pleasing sense of profoundness.

When people ask me what kind of music I like my instinctual response is “good music.” Aside from any personal inclinations toward tempo, tonality, or abundance of hand clapping and/or group vocalisations of single syllable words that a listener may have, the truth remains that good music transcends genre. It offers something unique yet familiar, fresh but relatable. In the words of Tropidelic’s frontman Matthew Roads:

“Every songwriter uses what they’ve picked up from their influences and incorporates it into their art whether it’s conscious or not. Great songwriters find a way to do that and make it their own.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the material imagery of a specific music scene. We find comfort in community and common ground. But as more bands like Tropidelic find their personal expression across a widening variety of influences, the big win is that the musical community grows for us all.

Heavy Is The Head will be available Nov 10 on LAW Records. Pre-order your copy today.

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