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First Watch: Tomorrows Bad Seeds – Frequency

Hailing from the reggae hotspot of Hermosa Beach, CA, Tomorrows Bad Seeds delivers with their latest single, “Frequency.” Splashes of brass accentuate this heartfelt pop reggae track, as the refrain of “this is the frequency of love” repeats between impactful lyrical verses. Relatable and sincere, “Frequency” displays the experience of a band honing their songwriting craft for a decade plus.

The video accompanying this most recent release gives the audience a glimpse into this specific craftsmanship process, taking an inside look at the writing and recording mechanics a band experiences in the studio. Lead singer Moises Juarez is seen working through the lyrics, perfecting every word before laying down the genuine vocal performance at the crux of this track. Tastefully simple in its approach, the video for “Frequency” aptly captures the message of positivity and love at the core of the song by focusing on the band where this message originates.

The technique involved in making a song pop goes deep beyond the words and music. The delivery of the vocals, instrumental tones and arrangement of parts is more often than not what makes a good song great. “Frequency” accomplishes just that, giving the fans of Tomorrows Bad Seeds a worthy new anthem to sing along to.

Get your copy of “Frequency” by Tomorrows Bad Seeds.


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