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First Watch: Sensi Trails – Just Livin’ (feat. KBong)

I give thanks for this life that we’re living
Because it could be gone in an instant
Days go by with the blink of an eye
So don’t take anything for granted

The above words to live by are sung by Kyle Rising, singer/songwriter/guitarist for Sensi Trails, in the incredibly enjoyable song, “Just Livin’.” Today Rootfire is premiering this latest single’s buoyant, beautifully shot video by Garret Laver and his The Video Kitchen production company.

The exultant title track off Sensi Trails’ upcoming album, produced at San Diego’s Imperial Sound by innovative veteran E.N Young, delivers a welcomed message of humility, gratitude and perseverance.

Musically, the song bears a strong resemblance to the music of the wildly popular Stick Figure, thanks in part to the recognizable voice of Stick’s keyboardist KBong, who lends his vocals to a few verses. Within the course of his sweet sermon, KBong manages to name drop one of Stick’s songs in which he’s featured most prominently:

Forget the struggles of everyday livin’,
Givinmore thanks and praisinevery minute
So many places and smiles on faces
Keeps me on a steady course

Sensi Trails was originally formed a few years ago on the Outer Banks of North Carolina as Kyle Rising and the Rising Tide. Rising changed the name of the band to Sensi Trails after a show one night at the Outer Banks Brewing Station when the sound engineer told him he couldn’t keep coming in the venue smelling like “that.”

Rising responded with, “It’s alright man, I’m just leaving behind sensi trails.”

The band released a five track EP titled Prohibition in the spring of 2017, but this past summer, his bandmates decided they no longer wanted to pursue music as a career.

At that point, Rising, an avid surfer, packed his belongings into his van and moved to the reggae and surfing mecca of San Diego.

Leaving friends and family behind to relocate far from home takes some mettle and faith, but often people are rewarded for leaving their comfort zone and taking chances toward something that could further their quest and improve their life. Such was the case for Rising. Not long after arriving in southern California, Rising linked up with KBong through a mutual friend, who ran into KBong during a surf check and told him about Rising’s recent cross-country journey. He invited Rising and friends back to his rehearsal spot where they jammed, shared ideas, and enjoyed general merriment, the vibes of which are depicted in the jubilant video by Laver.

First Watch: KBong – Easy to Love You

Laver, originally from Philadelphia but now based in Los Angeles, is making a name for himself in the reggae community by producing gorgeous, noteworthy videos for Stick Figure, Hirie, Iya Terra, Tatanka, The Movement, Josh Heinrichs and others. In addition to his tantalizing music videos, he’s worked with a diverse array of clients on commercial projects as well. His company, The Video Kitchen, recently created a YouTube channel where he intends to release “new and fresh content from fan-driven musicians” as well as exclusive content from artists across all genres.

Paying my dues and learning my lessons
This life’s such a blessing
We’re not here a for a long time
So we make the most of every day in this life
Sometimes the world be getting me down
But I know I’ll be alright with my friends and family around…

In our tech-driven society which peppers us with nonstop, often anxiety-creating information like social media posts of people trying to one-up their friends, aggravating, insidious tweets from our president and gut-wrenching news stories of violence, discrimination and dissension, this song is the aural equivalent of unplugging, getting a hug from your best friend, thanking God and feeling the warm sun on your face after a cold and damp storm.

Sensi Trails’ new single “Just Livin'” is out now across all digital platforms. Check out the music video and more at The Video Kitchen’s YouTube channel.

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