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First Listen + Track Giveaway: The San Antones – Texafornia

Instrumental music has long been an essential part of the history of reggae music. Versions of popular riddims were at the core of sound system parties, laying the foundation for DJs and toasters who hyped the crowd, fighting for the biggest reaction. Nowadays there are a number of bands honing in on the classic instrumental sound of early Jamaican reggae, and joining those ranks from the Lone Star State is The San Antones with their debut EP The Walking Texas Danger due out later this year. Celebrating this freshman release, Rootfire has partnered with the band to offer an exclusive free download of “Texafornia,” the latest single from their upcoming album.

“Texafornia” eases the listener in with laid back guitar skank and organ melody before letting the full rhythm section drop. Living up to their name, the entire upcoming EP has a distinctly Texas feel to it; country guitar licks and plate reverbs create a unique sonic landscape, blending The San Antones’ Texan roots and their love for reggae music into a pleasant, highly listenable package. Add the guitar work of The Expanders‘ John Butcher and Devin Morrison into the mixture and what’s created is exactly what the track’s name implies. The band sums it up like this:

“A Texan foundation topped with California soul, “Texafornia” is a musical bridge uniting two cultures to create awesome jams.”

For anyone seeking a smooth new take on instrumental reggae, The San Antones offer a laid-back, feel-good sound that brings out the best of both of the musical realms this new outfit has tapped into. Country meets reggae and the end result is simply good music.

Download your free copy of The San Antones’ single “Texafornia” from their debut EP The Walking Texas Danger due out later this year.

The San Antones and Rootfire present Texafornia

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