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First Listen: The Olés – Rise

Hailing from sunny Santa Barbara, California, The Olés are back with their latest single, the title track off their upcoming album Rise. Conquering the challenges and hardships of life lies at the heart of this most recent release, accentuated by a driving arrangement that leads the listener over the mountain and into the valley below.

Working with Rebelution’s Wesley Finley as producer, “Rise” serves as a prime example of the SoCal rock-forward reggae that Rebelution has championed for well over a decade. Pop accessibility meets conscious, relatable lyrics, showing us a version of The Olés that is stronger than ever.

 From The Olés bassist Daniel Kearney:

The Olés live

“‘Rise’ explores the ongoing struggle with addiction/alcoholism in what feels like a war waged against yourself. There are good days and bad days, and the battle often feels like you’re fighting it alone. The song can also be applied in a broader sense, dealing with hardship while continuing to push forward.
I’d also like to add that working with Wesley Finley from Rebelution plays a role in the theme of the title “Rise” as well. He helped us craft a sound that is our beefiest sound to date. We hope that fans of Rebelution hear some sonic elements in our new music that they know and love. Reb is known for a thumping huge reggae sound that was very inspiring for this record.”
Life is always full of challenges, and as we all know, it can often be the right song that gives us the perspective to keep our minds centered as we overcome that which holds us down. In “Rise,” The Olés deliver an anthem to march forward in the face of  struggle to, reminding us that in the end We Will Rise.

Check out The Olés latest single, “Rise,” off their upcoming album by the same name, out across all digital streaming platforms August 24.

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